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Pickups for Acoustic Bowed String Instruments at Don Rickert Musician Shop

Posted by Don Rickert on


D. Rickert Musical Instruments now sells high-end pickups for all of our acoustic bowed instruments. While we have been installing pickups on an ad hoc basic for years, we now offer specific carefully selected pickups for bowed strings.

Schatten non-terminated Ithica Aceto - Violect pickup-redesigned-orig small 4_5_twin hybrid_bridges (2)

See the product listings for all of the pickups we currently sell and install at Don Rickert Musician Shop in the Pickups for Bowed Strings category.

Email us if you have any questions (

For a more in-depth discussion on this hot topic...

See: D. Rickert Musical Instruments now sells pickups for all of our acoustic bowed instruments.

True Electric Violins Are Generally Best for Live Performance

It is our firm belief that if you primary use of a violin, viola, octave violin or octave viola is live performance, it is best to use a true electric violin in conjunction with the right preamp, EQ, signal processors and amplification to achieve your desired sound, including lower octaves as low as the contra-bass range.

If An Acoustic Violin Is An Important Aspect of Your Image . . .

If the look of an acoustic instrument is an important part of your image, we have some pickups that will work well for you. In fact, a special type of pickup (those made by Barbera Transducer Systems) can be used to make an acoustic instrument, in effect, a proper electric violin.

For those seeking an instrument with the look of a fine old violin, but the performance of a full-on electric violin, there is an even better choice. You will want to check out soon-to-be-announced new series of instruments by D. Rickert Musical Instruments that can best be described as electric violins masquerading as fine old acoustic violins.

We Have Much Experience with Every Aspect of Pickups for Bowed Strings

We know much about installing the RIGHT pickup on any of the bowed string instruments we have designed and now produce. Our experience includes our one-of-a-kind octave violins and violas. Further, we have installed many pickups on our customers’ own instruments. Our expertise in this area comes from years of installing every conceivable type of pickup on bowed string instruments, supplemented by extensive immersion on the technical literature on this and related topics.

Not All Pickups Do the Job!

The ONLY type of pickup we can recommend, for regular violins, as well as octave instruments, is a complete bridge with one or more embedded transducer elements. This rules out all contact microphones, tiny (and insanely expensive) condenser microphones aimed at the bridge, under-the-bridge transducers, transducers that are stuck or clipped to the bridge or the instrument body, those that are wedged into the bridge wings, magnetic pickups and exotic pickups of various sorts. This eliminates from consideration a whole lot of pickups on the market, some which are quite expensive. Ignoring our position on this matter could result in heartache and wasted money.

For an in-depth discussion on this topic, see:

Your Amplified Violin Not Working with Effects Processor?: The Problem is With Your Pickup!

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Are you ready to upgrade from a mass-produced entry-level travel violin to a great hand-made travel violin?

Trade in your Wiplstix or Cricket travel fiddle for a really nice rebate on a fine hand-made instrument. Trade-in credit up to $350!  Effective immediately and running for an indefinite period, the Don Rickert Musician Shop will let you trade in your Wiplstix or Cricket travel fiddle for a really nice rebate on one of [...]

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The New Melodic Guitar Quartet Instruments at the Don Rickert Musician Shop

The initial offerings of the new Melodic Guitar Quartet instruments by D. Rickert Musical Instruments are now available at the Don Rickert Musician Shop. What is the Melodic Guitar Quartet?The “Melodic Guitar Quartet” is a 4-member family of instruments, graduated in sizes, as follow: Treble, Alto, Tenor and Baritone, proposed by Dr. Don Rickert. These instruments are metal strung, tuned in 5ths and are [...]

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The Summer is Almost Over: It is Now Okay to Buy Musical Instruments

If you are involved in a small business that makes and sells any kind of "luxury" goods, such as unique custom musical instruments, you know that business is REALLY S-L-O-W during the summer months. It is as if "the Market" has a rule: "Do not buy things from small businesses, especially if they sell luxury [...]

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Serious Discounts and Free Shipping for Most Desired Instruments by D. Rickert: Impossible Sale

We at D. Rickert Musical Instruments know that our most desired musical instruments are the high-end unique instruments designed and made by us. These very special instruments tend to be the most expensive, and are a bit out of reach for many.  The normal sell price of each instrument listed below is discounted by $250 [...]

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Don Rickert Musician Shop a Vendor at the 9th Annual Hoppin’ John Old-Time & Bluegrass Fiddlers’ Convention

Of course, the Don Rickert Musician Shop is the store for D. Rickert Musical Instruments (Direct link to the Hoppin' John Vendors page). As this is being written, there are only about 3 non-food vendors listed. In reality, there are lots more, but we have observed over the years that most vendors wait until the [...]

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The Tenor Guitar: Odd Loner without a Real Family

PreludeThis article is by D. Rickert Musical Instruments and its online store, Don Rickert Musician Shop. We hope that you find this article interesting in its own right. That being said, the article is a background piece to an article that proposes a new graduated family of 4 or 5-string steel-strung instruments, tuned in 5ths [...]

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Lion of Ireland Special Edition Fiddle by D. Rickert

The Lion of Ireland Special Edition Fiddle by D. Rickert Musical Instruments is available now at the Don Rickert Musician Shop. This instrument, setup for professional performance and/or advanced competition fiddle playing is made entirely (except for the carved head) in the workshops of D. Rickert Musical instruments in Hiawassee, GA, USA.  From time to time we make special edition [...]

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Announcing the Rickert Model 60 Violin: A Great Fiddle for Less Than $1,000!

The Rickert Model 60 Violin is made for us by Revelle and set up to customer specifications by D. Rickert Musical Instruments is available now at the Don Rickert Musician Shop. This model works well either set up as an intermediate level violin or fiddle.  With a proper pickup installed, this instrument is transformed into a true professional performance fiddle. [...]

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Introducing the NEW Ranger Travel Violin by D. Rickert Musical Instruments

The Ranger Travel Violin by D. Rickert Musical Instruments is available now at the Don Rickert Musician Shop. This instrument is the best 4-string travel violin available anywhere. It is made entirely in the workshops of D. Rickert Musical instruments in Hiawassee, GA, USA. Since we stopped making the Adventurer IId Travel Violin on a regular production basis (you can [...]

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